Retirement Planning

Don't simply retire from something, have something to retire to

We have a wealth of experience creating and managing pension portfolios here in the Syracuse Group. Whether you plan to retire early, or already retired, your money will always be maximized by the appropriate investment portfolio. You have worked hard to save and you can help ensure that your pension savings last with the right strategy.

Retirement is one of the most important, if not the most important, events in life that you will experience, and planning to ensure a successful retirement. Syracuse Group understands that it takes many years to complete and save if you do it yourself to ensure a safe and comfortable retirement from a financial or personal perspective. Once your financial goals have been achieved and your retirement plan has been prepared, the management and maintenance is an ongoing process that takes place throughout your life.

Syracuse Group offers professionally serviced retirement portfolios that are diversified across asset classes and across countries. This allows you to have full inflation protection and insurance. Some of our recommendations may include investment that pays dividends. Our fees are also very competitive, offering you long-term stability and the power to dip into your retirement portfolio for any unexpected expenses that may arise during your retirement.

Kick start your retirement plan by using our Syracuse Retirement Calculator to see how much money you're going to need to grow your wealth for a trouble-free, post-retirement life.

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