Education Planning



The cost of secondary and tertiary education has soared over the last three decades that the skills needed to compete effectively in today's global economy have been higher than ever before. A Syracuse Group Education Savings Plan can assist you effectively in creating and managing a more effective savings plan, while ensuring that you are better prepared and on the right track for your child's success.

Educational brokers of the Syracuse Group, design their portfolios specifically for the purpose of education savings. The Syracuse Group Plan is a tax advantaged savings account that is designed with a future in mind and designed to invest your capital to meet your child's educational needs. Each of our education plans is designed with a minimum risk to ensure a safe path to financial success. We understand that Life is going to happen, and if your child does not require all the funds in your savings account for their education, you will always be in control.


Over time, as you experience results, your trust and trust in our advice will grow. We strive to constantly delight you with our service where you see your broker from the Syracuse Group as a member of your circle of friends and trusted advisors. This will ultimately save you valuable time, effort and energy in reading and evaluating information from a variety of sources. Your broker will speak to you in a simple, transparent language that is easy to understand and, most importantly, easy to understand and benefit from.

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